the Day of 1st yr Students!

The staff of the Department of Physical Chemistry congratulates all ex-enrollees, who are 1st year students of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute today with the 1st September Day! We wish You success in your studies!

the Day of 1st yr Students

Results of the Opening Campaign-2014

That ended the Opening Campaign-2014. The faculty of Chemical Technology at NTUU ‘KPI’ was chosen by 209 enrollees who underwent a rigorous selection (about 5 people per place).

Opening Campaign-2014

The Department of Physical Chemistry, gaining specialty ‘Chemical Technology of Synthesis for Cosmetic and Food Additives’, took 2nd place between other departments according to value of passing scores.


Physical chemistry says: "Hello".

    Dear students , we’re welcome you to one of the first departments of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute – Department of Physical Chemistry , which started its history in 1900. The department has own history and tradition working with students from different areas of training , ” Chemical Engineering “, ” Engineering Materials “, ” steel” , “Ecology , Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources “, ” Publishing and Printing “, etc.

    For training at the Department of Physical Chemistry, equipped with specialized laboratories and the audience , which conducted laboratory and research work. Much attention is paid to the department teachers in modern methods of teaching subjects , including computerization of the educational process. In 2013 , the Department opened a set of bachelors in vocational and professional orientation “Chemical technology of organic synthesis cosmetics and food additives .”

    So, Dear Students , We wish you success in learning, studying new subjects and remember that only systematic work can achieve the desired result.