Physical chemistry says: "Hello".

    Dear students , we’re welcome you to one of the first departments of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute – Department of Physical Chemistry , which started its history in 1900. The department has own history and tradition working with students from different areas of training , ” Chemical Engineering “, ” Engineering Materials “, ” steel” , “Ecology , Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources “, ” Publishing and Printing “, etc.

    For training at the Department of Physical Chemistry, equipped with specialized laboratories and the audience , which conducted laboratory and research work. Much attention is paid to the department teachers in modern methods of teaching subjects , including computerization of the educational process. In 2013 , the Department opened a set of bachelors in vocational and professional orientation “Chemical technology of organic synthesis cosmetics and food additives .”

    So, Dear Students , We wish you success in learning, studying new subjects and remember that only systematic work can achieve the desired result.