About department


Head of the Department PhD, prof. Chygyrynets Olena Eduardivna

Our history 

O.V. Plotnikov started research work in electrochemistry of non-aqueous solutions, which then was developed to the unique scientific direction also known as Kyiv Electrochemical School in 1920-1930. Plotnikov together with his co-workers was first in the world, who could get aluminum by means of electrolysis at room temperature. Before 2nd World War Plotnikov’s scientific school made great contribution to the studies of electrolytic solution nature.  At the same many famous researchers were working here, namely corr. member of NASU V.O. Izbekov, prof. M.O. Rabynovych, prof. Y.A. Fialkov, prof. Y.Y. Gorenbeyn, P.Z. Fisher, member of NASU Y.K. Delimarskyi and others.


In 1922 R&D lab was founded at the Department of Physical Chemistry, which transformed to the Institute of Chemistry at NASU lately (it was  first chemical institute in Ukraine that became the basis of many other ones).

In 1945-1975 the department was headed by the follower of prof. V.O. Plotnikov, prof. O.K. Kudra, who is a famous of his fundamental studies about electrolytic formation of metalic powders and electrolytic decomposition of compounds in solutions.

 In 1975-1998 

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