Discussion 13/06

Today at the department bachelor's projects discussion took place.

4 projects were protected. All graduates have defended it perfectly.

Congratulations on successful discussion!

The next discussion will be held on June 19, 2019 at 10-00 in 267-4.

We wish you to see there


The research at the University of Granada

    Postgraduate student of the Department of Physical Chemistry, Miliar Yuliia Olexandrivna, has started a scholarship program within the Erasmus+ program at the University of Granada (Universidad de Granada), Spain. The research is carried out on the Faculty of Science in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

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     Research is being conducted on the topic of thesis, namely the development and study of the properties of active chemical components based on natural raw materials, that are part of food and cosmetic products.
     The purpose of this work is to replace synthetic components on plant components. The experimental part is conducted in the laboratory of Physical Chemistry at the University of Granada and consists of two directions:
- obtaining biorefactants by conducting fermentative reactions, studying their properties and practical application in the technological process;
- study of the composition of plant extracts, the study of the activity of natural antioxidants, removed from plant material, practical application of the resulting substances.

VI International Conference of Students and Young Scientists

April 22, 2016 it was held the VI International Conference of students, graduate students and young scientists.

The conference was devoted to fundamental and practical issues in the field of chemistry and chemical technology. For the first time at the conference working section "Chemical technology of cosmetics and food additives". 9 research reports and graduate students were presented at the section. Students of 2 and 3 courses participated actively in the discussion of the reports.

Among the reports ChTF students NTUU "KPI" was voted the best report Sysova O. and it was also awarded diplomas for the best report the students of the National University of Food Technologies.


Competition in chemistry 2016

Tomorrow, on 16th March, in the historical part of Chemical Technology Faculty - Great chemical audience 4th Corps held an annual chemistry contest . Everyone is welcome!

Congratulations on March 8!

International Women's Day

Congratulations on March 8!

Take heart and sincere congratulations on a wonderful spring holiday - International Women's Day!

We wish you and your family health, peace, harmony and well-being! Let your life will be more fun and sunny days! Let the spring always reigns in your souls! We wish you happiness and love!

Best regards,
men's staff of
Physical Chemistry Department
Chemical Engineering Faculty


Annual 182th year of birth Mendeleev

Юбилей Д.И. Менделеева - 182 года!

Today, February 8, 1834 was born Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, whose life - is a continuous experience, innovation in science, a constant desire to devote himself to the service of society.
Monument to Mendeleev installed in front 4 (chemical) Corps, and a bas-relief - on the facade of the main building №1.


Changes in the schedule of the educational process. Beginning 2nd semester of 02.15.2016

We inform about changes in the timetable 2nd semester of 2015-2016 y. of training: vacation lengthened from 02/08/2016 to 02/14/2016. Spring semester begins 02/15/2016
We wish not to be ill and spend productively your free time!

Invite to the lecture by Nobel Prize laureate Daniel Shechtman 27/01/2016


On January 27th Prof. Daniel Shechtman, Nobel Prize laureate, will give a lecture at NTUU “KPI” to scientists and students.

The lecture will take place in the Board of Academicians Hall of NTUU “KPI” (Peremohy Ave. 27, Building 1) at 10:00.

All interested are invited. Entrance is free.

Updated: Added a video of the lection


Registration of applicants NTUU "KPI" in 2016

Dear applicant!
Starting from 01.10.2016, you are invited to join the information space NTUU "KPI" on the portal


Open Day at NTUU "KPI" and ChTF 12/20/2015

20 December 2015 will be held "Open Day" NTUU "KPI":

  • 10.00 - Registration of participants in the Center of Culture and Arts NTUU "KPI" (CCA)
  • 11.00 - 12.00 - the general meeting in the hall CCA
  • 12.00 - 13.00 - Information on educational career guidance departments at the stands on the first floor CCA
  • 13.00 - 15.00 - "Open House" Faculty of Chemical Technology (ChTF)

We invite future applicants and their parents to explore the Chemical Engineering Department, the Department of Physical Chemistry, based on it, in 2013 it was opened a new set of vocational and professional direction "Chemical technology of cosmetics and food additives."

During the program, students new trend study such subjects as "The methods of separation and identification of compounds", "Chemistry of surfactants in the cosmetics industry", "Raw materials for the production of food supplements and cosmetics," "Technical Analysis of food products and cosmetics" "Bioorganic chemistry", "Ecological safety in the food and cosmetics industry", "Chemical methods of analysis of food additives and cosmetics", "Chemical Technology of food additives", "Chemical technology of cosmetics" and others.

Our students are actively involved in various activities taking place at the Faculty and the University, involved in the scientific work of the department, have the opportunity to study or undergo training abroad in exchange programs of students NTUU "KPI" and universities / research institutions of foreign countries.

We are waiting for you!