Kamens’ka Tetiana A.

PhD, Associate Professor

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Research area: thermodynamics of the ionic and transport processes in non-aqueous individual solvents.

Scientific biography:

In 1988 graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute as a specialist in technology of electrochemical productions. After graduating from the Institute has been working in KPI as an engineer of the department of Physical Chemistry; assistant, associate professor of the departments: Inorganic Matter and General Chemical Technologies and Physical Chemistry. Was a post-graduated student of the Physical Chemistry Department. In 2003 received PhD for a study on “Thermodynamics of the ionic association and activation of ion migration in individual solvents”. In 2012 became an associate professor.

  • Scientific and pedagogical experience 17 years.
  • Published 32 papers in scientific journals.
  • Lectures on Physical chemistry for third year student of FCT.


NTUU” KPI”, build. 4, room 266.

Phone: 454-98-84

Scientific papers:

  1. Yu.Ya. Fialkov, V.Yu. Gorbachev, T.A. Kamenskaya Thermodynamic characteristics of the ionic association process of acids in aqueous  solutions //Journal of Molecular Liquids – 2003. – V. 102/1-3. – P. 277-284.
  2. Рудницька Г.А., Каменська Т.А.Схема зв’язку між характеристичними термодинамічними функціями та їх змінними параметрами // Український хімічний журнал. – 2011. – т. 77. – № 12. – С. 91-94.
  3. Kirsenko T.V., Kamens’ka T.А. Thermodynamic characteristics of the process in solution calculated from the equilibrium constant polytherms in different concentration scales. //Research Bulletin Sworld “Modern scientific research and their practical application. – 2013 (J113). – №4.