Chernenko Vladimir J.

PhD – Medical Sciences, Associate Professor.

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Teaching subjects: Technology of Inorganic Substances; Entry to the Profession (Technology of the Supplements and Beauty Products); Physical Chemistry, Heterogeneous Reactions.

Research areas: Biohydrometallurgy; bioconversion of minerals and technogenic waste; Biotechnology of biologically active substances of microbial origin.

Scientific Biography:

In 1982, he graduated from Bogomolets Kyiv Medical Institute – speciality “Hygiene, sanitary, epidemiology”.
1982-1983 he worked as a doctor of public health in Lyubar Sanitary and Epidemiological Station (Zhytomyr region).
From 1983 he worked as an engineer in the Department of Human Genetics (Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics – Academy of Sciences of Ukraine / Kyiv). From 1984 to 1987 he studied at the graduate school of the same institute. PhD thesis defended in 1988 at the Institute of Medical Genetics (Academy of Medical Sciences / Moscow); specialty 03.00.15 – Genetics.
From 1988 to 2002 he worked as a research assistant in the Department of Human Genetics (Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics – Academy of Sciences of Ukraine / Kyiv).
Since November 2002 to 2007 he worked as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Industrial Biotechnology (Biotechnology and Bioengineering Faculty – “KPI”).
From 2007 to 2009 – Associate Professor of the Department of Technology of Inorganic Substances and General Chemical Technology (Faculty of Chemical Engineering – “KPI”).
From 2009 to 2012 he studied at the full-time Doctorate of the same department. Since 2014 – Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry Department (Faculty of Chemical Engineering – “KPI”).
Took part in the development of technologies (domestic and international levels) – as a manager and responsible person.

  • Overall research experience is 28 years.
  • 51 scientific publications, including one monography, two teaching instructions; three copyright certificates on inventions, 18 articles in professional domestic and foreign editions. 

Contact details:

Selected Scientific Publications:

  1. Thermodynamic Basis of Environmentally Friendly Technology of Dissolution of Polymineral Carbonate-containing Raw Materials by the Biogenic Factors. – 2010.
  2. Research of the Bacterial Leaching From Dumps of the “Stepova” Mine. – 2011.
  3. Research of the Mechanism of Decarbonisation of Zhvanian Phosphorite by Lactic Acid. – 2013.
  4. A Calculation of the Exponential Factor and Activation Energy of the Lactic Acid Decarbonization of the Zhvanian Phosphorytes Reaction. – 2013.