Оlexandrа S. Berezhnytska

Оlexandrа S.Berezhnytska ,  PhD – Chemistry Sciences, Associate Professor

Посилання на intellect-сторінку

Teaching subjects: Physical chemistry, “Surface phenomena and disperse systems

Research areas:  coordination chemistry, metalopolimer and monomer complexes, nanomaterials

Scientific Biography:

In 1998 she graduated from the Kiev National University. Shevchenko on the specialty inorganic chemistry. 1998 – 2001 –  post-graduate of the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry im.V I.Vernadskogo NASU, specialty inorganic chemistry.

In 2002 she defended her disertation “Synthesis, structure and polymerization (b-diketon complex 3d-metal (Co, Ni, Cu) with unsaturated ag– and vice.”

  • From 2002 works on the department of physical chemistry.
  • General scientifically-pedagogical experience folds 10.
  • Scientific  publications – 70, from which 30 articles in professional editions and 2 patents on an useful model.

Contacts:  olekberez @ gmail.com

Selected Scientific Publications:

  1. I.Savchenko, O. Berezhnytska, Ya. Fedorov, N. Rusakova, V. Syromyatnikov Structural organization of polymer metal complexes with water  or phenanthroline and their  influence on luminescence properties // Chemistry and Chemical Technology, V. 7, N.4., 2013, p.423-428.
  2. O.Berezhnytska, I.Savchenko, Z. Denysova,N.Rusakova, Ya.FedorovL.Veligura, O.Rogovtsov, E.Trunova The new nanosized system on the basis Eu(ІІІ) complexes as precursors for organic electroluminescence diodes // Molecular and Liquid Cryst. –2014 –Vol. 590, pp. 5865