Scientific directions

1) Development of the inhibitors of corrosion based on environmental friendly compounds

Advisor: Head of the Department. DSc., prof. Chyhyrynets О.Е.

2) Investigation the impact of physicochemical parameters on the extraction of non-metallic impurities from melted steel the tundish ‘MBRZ’

Advisor: PhD, assoc. prof. Efimova V.G.

3) Studying the nature of the solvation and salt effects in the kinetics of the monomolecular heterolysis of organic compounds

Advisor: PhD, asoc. prof. Ponomarev M.Y.

4) Studying of physicochemical properties of solutions by various nature

Advisor: PhD, asoc. prof. Pylypenko T. M.

5) Studying of the methane fermentation of complex organic substrates

Advisor: PhD, asoc. prof. Chrokalo L. А.

6) Development of effective volatile atmospheric corrosion inhibitors for ferrous and nonferrous metals

Advisor: Ph.D, Vorobyova V.

7) Physicochemical bases of obtaining, functionality and application of multicomponent nanodispersed systems

Advisor: PhD, prof. Sokolsky G.