Scientific school

Chemistry of non-aqueous solutions

Scientific school of department “Chemistry of non-aqueous solutions” have built her the second chief Plotnikov Volodymyr.

Plotnikov V. began research with electrochemistry of non-aqueous solutions, which later at the beginning of the last century have developed in original scientific direction, known among scientists under the name “Kyiv electrochemical school”. Exactly he and his employees have successfully obtained first in the world a metallic aluminium at a room temperatures by an electrolysis.

In prewar time Plotnikov’s scientific school did a significant contribution to the study of nature of electrolyte solutions. The colleagues of Plotnikov from the field of chemistry of non-aqueous solutions were Corresponding Member of the Academy of Science of Ukraine V.O. Izbekov, prof. M.O. Rabynovich, prof. Y.A. Fialkov, prof. Y.Y. Gorenbeyn, P. Fisher, academ. of Academy of Sciene of Ukraine U.K. Delimarskiy and others.

In 1945-75 yy. Plotnikov’s scientific school of chemistry of non-aqueous solutions was continued by prof. O.K. Cudra, which engaged in the electrodeposition of metallic powders.

In 1975-98 the chief of the department of physical chemistry and the doctor of chemical sciences, laureate of the State honours of the USSR, honoured worker of Ukraine science, became a professor of NTUU “KPI” Y.Y. Fialkov. The contribution was of creation one of most known, even outside the USSR, a scientific school, which engaged in researches in industry of physical and chemical analysis and physical chemistry of non-aqueous solutions. Fialkov was awarded with the Government honours of the USSR in 1987. Under the guidance of Fialkov it was discussed and produced a number of dissertations, including 3 doctoral, 52 candidates. The substantive provisions of researches are expounded in over 350 scientific works and inventions which includes 10 monographies.

Prof. Y. Fialkov is well-known in the world not only as a scientist of physical chemistry but also as a talented, bright and eccentric popularizer of chemical knowledge.

Currently the department of physical chemistry, taking into account the necessities of present time, began preparation of specialists in chemical technology of cosmetics and food additions. Therefore, the transformation of scientific researches which are conducted by the specialists of department took place gradually.

The actual are remained the same – the questions of colloid solutions, physical and chemical processes which run across the systems, where processes of oxidation, structuration of solutions, transfer of ions, took place. Therefore from one side, scientific school of department continues traditions of centenary remoteness in the direction of researches of the difficult physical and chemical and colloid-chemical systems, on the other hand scientific researches have more practical aspects and are aimed to the use ecologically friendly substances by creation of “green technologies” such as “green inhibitors of corrosion”, antioxidants, vitamin of D3, aromatic materials and others.

Thus, modern renewed scientific school moves in direction of modern necessities and calls of present time.

Taking into account works of employees   of department renewed scientific school studies into

Physical-chemical and colloid bases of biocompatible functional materials.

 Scientific fields are being studied currently at the department:

  • Development of scientific bases of creation of corrosion inhibitors, that inhibit fillers for paintwork coverages with the aim of metal protection from atmospheric corrosion (including the time of storage and transporting metals to the consumer), acid corrosion. Base component are vegetable wastes of processing of berries and fruit (vine, peach, apricot) are studied, and also food industry of agriculture (rape, hops). Scientific leader is prof., O. Chyhyrynets, associate professor, Vorobiova V.I., associate professor T.M. Pilipenko.
  • Obtaining and characterization of antioxidants and biosurfactants from (natural) source. Scientific leader – prof. O. Chyhyrynets.
  • Research of antioxidant properties of component plants, selection and modification of bioconsonant with the products of cosmetic industry of biologically active substances. Scientific leader prof. O. Chyhyrynets, associate professor Vorobiova V.I.
  • Physical-chemical and microbiological aspects of technology of receipt of biogas from complex organic substrates. Scientific leader – associate professor, L.A. Khrokalo.
  • Microbiological and biochemical researches of cosmetics and food addittives . Scientific leader – associate professor, L.A. Khrokalo.
  • Study of solvation nature and salt effects in the kinetics of unimolecular heterolysis of organic compounds. A scientific leader is an associate professor, M. Ponomariov.