For Students

Timetable of teachers in 1st half of 2014-2015 a.у.

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Schedule of laboratory trainings in physical chemistry in 1st half of 2014-2015 а.y. 

For 3rd yr students of HTF (groups: ХК-21, ХН-21, ХН-22, ХМ-21, ХЕ-21, ХЕ-22, ХП-21, ХО-21) 

For 2nd yr students of IFF (groups: ФЛ-31, ФЛ-32, ФС-31, ФС-32, ФК-31, ФК-32, ФТ-31, ФТ-32, ФМ-31, ФМ-32) 

Changes in schedule of studying process

According to order № 5-7 | 14.01.14 | 2nd half of academic year on our faculty will be started from 10.02.2014. Thus, lessons, which have been planned on 18th week, will be carried out in April/May by using of separated timetable. We also remind that scholarship committee will meet in Jan 30-31 of current year.