Tetiana V. Kirsenko

Tetiana V. Kirsenko – PhD, Assistant Professor

Research area: Thermodynamics of the ionic processes in non-aqueous electrolytic solutions.

Scientific biographyIn 1980 graduated from the Kiev National Shevchenko University as a specialist in physical chemistry. After graduating from the University worked as a young specialist in the Insitute of Physical Chemistry, Ukrainian Academy of Science. Since 1987 has been working in KPI as an engineer, researcher, assistant, assistant professor of the department of Physical Chemistry. In 1993 received PhD for a study on “Proton resolvation effect on the ion association and migration processes”.

  • Scientific and pedagogical experience 25 years.
  • Published 52 papers in scientific journals.


NTUU” KPI”, build. 4, room 266.

Phone: 454-98-84 

Scientific papers:

  1. Yu.Ya. Fialkov, V.L. Chumak, Kirsenko T.V. Thermodynamics of activation proton migration: resolvation process effect / Journ. of Molecular Liquids. – 1999. – v. 82. – P.147-150.
  2. Фиалков Ю.Я., Кирсенко Т.В., Каменская Т.А. Определение истинных термодинамических характеристик процесса ионной ассоциации в индивидуальных растворителях /Украинский химических журнал. – 2001.-Т. 67. – № 9.- С. 16 – 19.
  3. Kirseno T.V., Kamens’ka T.V. Thermodynamic characteristics of the process in solution calculated from the equilibrium constant polytherms in different concentration scales. /Research Bulletin Sworld “Modern scientific research and their practical application. – 2013 (J113). – № 4.