Georgii Sokolsky

Acting head of the department, Professor, Doctor of Chemistry

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Biography: Georgii Sokolsky currently is a professor of physical chemistry department of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (since 2018). He is a lecturer of disciplines: “Physical Chemistry”, “Scientific work on the topic of Master’s dissertation” for “Chemical Technology and Engineering” specialty students. His recent activities include research internship and lectures at the University of Cordoba (Spain, Erasmus+ programme, June 15-25, 2019); research internship, lectures at the University of Palermo (Italy, Erasmus+ programme, November 11-25, 2019) and participation in the EWCC 2019 conference 13-15.11.2019.

Research interests: Generally, research interests are related closely to the relationship between synthesis conditions — composition — structure — functional property in oxide (photo-, electro-) catalysts and other materials, including dispersed systems for cosmetics and food additives.

The main directions of researches are the following:

  • electrolytic doping as a tool for the functionality of manganese (IV) oxide materials in the electrode processes of reduction and release of oxygen;
  • physicochemical properties, photoelectrocatalysis of TiO2 and its composites with materials of doped tunnel structures of the Mn (IV) -O system for degradation of ecotoxicants;
  • design of composite nanomaterials based on halloysite nanotubes and doped tunnel structures of the Mn (IV) -O system;
  • relationship of structural disorder with the functional properties of oxide materials of transition metals, electrochemistry of electrode materials intended for chemical power sources, fuel cells;
  • stabilization of Pickering emulsions (effect of 50% of hydrophobic silica, Janus nanoparticles); “Anti-aging” components of cosmetics based on coordination compounds of transition metals with amino acid ligands and cross-linking effects in collagen; functionality of nanosized titanium (IV) oxide in cosmetics (as a UV filter) and food and etc.

            He has experience of work in the National Academy of Science, and several universities of Ukraine. He is also the Candidate of Science(1999) in electrochemistry, Doctor of Science(2013) in physical chemistry. Georgii’s total number of research and methodical publications is 140, including 3 textbooks and 19 methodical works, 50 papers in professional journals, 9 patents of Ukraine. The main research and teaching activities as an associate professor were in National Aviation University, Kyiv (200-2015). Later he was also the head of the Department of Physical and Colloidal Chemistry of the National University of Food Technologies (2014-2018).

Contacts: National Technical University of Ukraine Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
Faculty of Chemical Technology
Peremogy Avenue, 37, bldg. 4,
Kyiv 03056.
Room 263

Selected Publications:

  1. Sokolsky G. V. et al. Effects of electrolyte doping on electrodeposited nanostructured manganese oxide and chromium oxide //Surface and Coatings Technology. – 2020. – P. 126211.
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