EWCC 2021 conference news

Dear colleagues and scientists! The Organizing Committee of the IV EastWest Chemistry Conference (EWCC) in 2021 (EWCC 2021) decided to organize this event exclusively online as part of the National Chemical Conference organized by the Turkish Chemical Society. Note that an online conference is not a replacement for a previously scheduled conference. So it will definitely be held as a face-to-face conference in Kyiv, Ukraine, but in 2022!

We invite everyone to take part in this year’s conference in an online format. Members of the organizing committee of the conference from KPI. Igor Sikorsky will continue to take part in the organization of this event and organize the support of Ukrainian participants.

We are waiting for the fall of October at the 2021 conference.

We emphasize that from May 1, 2021, the acceptance of abstracts for the conference has already begun.

More information about the EastWest Chemistry Conference 2021 can be found at https://ewcc2021.org/; http://kfh.kpi.ua/en/.