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EWCC 2021 conference news

Dear colleagues and scientists! The Organizing Committee of the IV EastWest Chemistry Conference (EWCC) in 2021 (EWCC 2021) decided to organize this event exclusively online as part of the National Chemical Conference organized by the Turkish Chemical Society. Note that an online conference is not a replacement for a previously scheduled conference. So it will definitely be held as a face-to-face conference in Kyiv, Ukraine, but in 2022!

We invite everyone to take part in this year’s conference in an online format. Members of the organizing committee of the conference from KPI. Igor Sikorsky will continue to take part in the organization of this event and organize the support of Ukrainian participants.

We are waiting for the fall of October at the 2021 conference.

We emphasize that from May 1, 2021, the acceptance of abstracts for the conference has already begun.

More information about the EastWest Chemistry Conference 2021 can be found at;

News EastWest Chemistry Conference

Dear colleagues,

The complicated pandemic situation throughout the world with COVID-19 was under consideration on the last weekend meeting of the Organizing committee members of EastWest Chemistry Conference (EWCC2020). The reason was the future of the approaching EWCC2020 event that has already postponed to 6-8.10.2021 and Kyiv Igor Sikorsky KPI was planned as a host of the conference. The following members were present: EWCC co-chair prof. Mustafa Culha (University of South Florida), Dr. Onder Metin (Koç University) from the Turkish side, and prof. Olena Chyhyrynets (Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic University), prof. Georgii Sokolsky (Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic University) from the Ukrainian side.


After active discussion, the participants decided to organize this conference online this year simultaneously with the National Meeting of the Turkish Chemical Society. The publication opportunity in referred in Scopus journals will work as planned before. Our university members of the Organizing committee will continue to be responsible for Ukrainian participants and will help them in any way.  

Sad to say that normal format of the conference is not possible in 2021. Nevertheless, we continue to plan the traditional meeting format in 2022 in Kyiv. So, let’s be together online in 2021 and offline in Kyiv in 2022!!!

Take care of yourself!

Sicilian hospital land meets our students chemists-technologists!

Photos – Anna, Elizabeth and Marina near the Massimo Theatre, Palermo (February, 2021)

For about a week, our students have been waiting in Palermo (Sicily island, Italy) for an unforgettable experience of the academic semester at the University of Palermo (UNIPA). This is the chance for Marina Tsaryuk, Elizaveta Dmitrieva, Anna Berdychevskaya that was given within the framework of the Erasmus+ program between our universities. They must graduate their Bachelor’s degree program in Chemical Technology of Food Additives and Cosmetics when studying at both universities. A series of interesting researches is planned for their Diploma in the research group of professor Giuseppe Lazzara. There is no doubt that this experience will be a very important stage in their next career. And now one can relax and unwind, make sightseeing tour at the beauties of Palermo.

The Departments of Physical Chemistry of KPI and Physics and Chemistry of UNIPA have agreement on conducting joint research and exchange of students, specialists, which will be implemented in the next two years. Joint topical research is an unforgettable experience of cooperation, travel, and exchange of experience. We wish our students success and good luck, so that everything they planned will be realised!

Meeting with partners in Erasmus +

The Department of Physical Chemistry within the scopes of the Erasmus + program partnership with the with a group of Professor Giuseppe Lazzar from the University of Palermo (UNIPA, Italy), organized a meeting to discuss research areas to make real and implementat common plan that was to send our chemical technology students to UNIPA for research within the qualification work of a bachelor. The parties exchanged by opinions regarding the most acceptable decisions. Plans for further joint work were outlined. It should be noted that the Department of Physical Chemistry conducts joint research with the research group of Professor J. Lazzara in the field of physical chemistry of halloysite nanotubes and their functionalization since 2019.

Greetings with the New 2021 year

Dear Colleagues and Friends!

We wish you new horizons of your precious ideas, valuable and unique research achievements and prosperity to your families and organizations!

Despite the pandemic challenges, we must plan our life, future events.We all have hope for the end of the pandemic situation in 2021. New deadlines will be established, new opportunities to present your research results will appear. As you probably know, the 4th East West Chemistry Conference (EWCC 2020) was postponed to October 6-8 2021 due to an unprecedented situation with COVID-19 disease out of any control. Please, consider our conference as a platform for exchange of ideas and experience, opinions and results. So, the next meeting will be also in Kyiv at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute! You are welcome! Don’t hesitate to ask any question and follow updates and details of future event on the conference address or department, university sites:; To add more, we reached an agreement with two journals, Chemical Papers (Springer) and Materials Today Proceeding (Elsevier) to publish papers presented in our conference.

We are looking forward to see you at the Conference!

The Organization Committee
Physical Chemistry Department

Steps toward Turkish Chemical Society

The Department of Physical Chemistry initiated a round table “KPI Chemical Community towards Turkey Chemical Society” as an online meeting at the university with representatives of the Chemical Society of Turkey (CST). Over the last few years, we have had good contacts with the General Secretary of the Society, Dr. Mustafa Culha. The timetable and main issues for discussion were agreed. The meeting was held under the auspices of the Turkish Embassy in Ukraine with the active participation and assistance in the organization of the Department of International Cooperation of the University under the leadership of Sergii Sydorenko.

The agenda agreed by both parties was as follows.

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Postpone of the EWCC 2020

Dear colleagues,
The Organizing Committee decided to postpone EWCC2020 to 2021 due to an unprecedented situation with COVID-19 disease out of any control. We will overcome these difficulties soon! Therefore, the next dates of our conference are on 6-8 of October 2021 again in Kyiv! You are welcome!

Publications agreement with Springer and Elsevier

Dear colleagues,
We reached an agreement with two journals, Chemical Papers (Springer) and Materials Today Proceeding (Elsevier) to publish papers presented in our conference.
Chemical Papers is a highly reputable journal with a broad scope completely covering conference topics that favors interdisciplinary research and studies that bring chemistry together with other disciplines. The authors can publish their papers with the conference logo after the recommendation of the Steering Committee.
The material science-related studies will be published as a volume of Materials Today Proceedings.
More details will be available soon

Next EAST WEST CHEMISTRY CONFERENCE (EWCC2020) will be held at Chemical Technology Faculty of our University


The department of physical chemistry establishes cooperation with foreign partners and its staff scientific activity this year was significant not only in Ukraine but abroad.

Our representatives participated in the East West Chemistry Conference 2019 (EWCC 2019) in Palermo, Italy.

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