The research at the University of Granada

    Postgraduate student of the Department of Physical Chemistry, Miliar Yuliia Olexandrivna, has started a scholarship program within the Erasmus+ program at the University of Granada (Universidad de Granada), Spain. The research is carried out on the Faculty of Science in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

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     Research is being conducted on the topic of thesis, namely the development and study of the properties of active chemical components based on natural raw materials, that are part of food and cosmetic products.
     The purpose of this work is to replace synthetic components on plant components. The experimental part is conducted in the laboratory of Physical Chemistry at the University of Granada and consists of two directions:
– obtaining biorefactants by conducting fermentative reactions, studying their properties and practical application in the technological process;
– study of the composition of plant extracts, the study of the activity of natural antioxidants, removed from plant material, practical application of the resulting substances.