Sicilian hospital land meets our students chemists-technologists!

Photos – Anna, Elizabeth and Marina near the Massimo Theatre, Palermo (February, 2021)

For about a week, our students have been waiting in Palermo (Sicily island, Italy) for an unforgettable experience of the academic semester at the University of Palermo (UNIPA). This is the chance for Marina Tsaryuk, Elizaveta Dmitrieva, Anna Berdychevskaya that was given within the framework of the Erasmus+ program between our universities. They must graduate their Bachelor’s degree program in Chemical Technology of Food Additives and Cosmetics when studying at both universities. A series of interesting researches is planned for their Diploma in the research group of professor Giuseppe Lazzara. There is no doubt that this experience will be a very important stage in their next career. And now one can relax and unwind, make sightseeing tour at the beauties of Palermo.

The Departments of Physical Chemistry of KPI and Physics and Chemistry of UNIPA have agreement on conducting joint research and exchange of students, specialists, which will be implemented in the next two years. Joint topical research is an unforgettable experience of cooperation, travel, and exchange of experience. We wish our students success and good luck, so that everything they planned will be realised!